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     Dear friends,

I welcome your intention to access the page of Trade Co-operative University of Moldova(TCUM). Certainly, the information you will find on our website will meet the expectations you had before to access and, of course, will complete the vision upon the services provided by the university.

   As a representative of TCUM’s academic community, students and teaching staff, I try to lead you virtually through TCUM to lay stress on what represents our institution, what we have proposed to achieve in further, particularly for studying youth, who aspire to a quality higher education, to the perception and development of general human and national values, that will provide training for young generation capable of contributing to the prosperity of the Republic of Moldova and will accelerate the enrollment in the European development.

   We are aware of the fact that we cannot prepare the future for young people, but we have the responsible mission to prepare them for the future. Young people are the future of the country and that is why the importance of increasing the level of their training is essential to correspond to the new expectations in the age of globalization.

   Trade Co-operative University of Moldova – is an accredited institution of higher education and scientific research, performing the training and research in the principles and stipulations of the Bologna Declaration, according to which the educational process is carried out in three cycles: I - license II – masters, III - PhD. Activating 20 years on the educational services market in Moldova, TCUM has become leader in trade-economic education, conforming to all requirements of contemporary education, being in full and continuous modernization of activity. Opting for maximum harmonization of the educational offer to labor market’s requirements, the collective teaching staff insist on the active implementation of modern information technologies, development and promotion of knowledge and basic human values, so that our graduates to face all challenges of the time, to be competitive on the labor market.

  Trade Co-operative University of Moldova assessed and accredited 16 training programs at undergraduate level, obtained the empowerment to organize 25 of masters programs and 7 of doctorate programs. In this way, the university offers young people a wide variety of training programs and professional development opportunities to participate in international projects. At the university level is implemented the quality management system, based on ISO 9001: 2008 its conformity being international certified, denoting the managerial flexibility of TCUM and the leadership insistence in promoting of organizational culture, geared towards excellence.

  Trade Co-operative University of Moldova is scientific accredited and has the appropriate infrastructure with halls of modern computers connected to the Internet, multi-media halls, specialized laboratories, scientific library, equipped with classic and electronics book, all being designed to meet the spiritual needs and for vocational training for youth and for increasing thereof academic performance. For students, there are available two community sports complex, community center, food services (canteen, cafeteria) and healthcare center.

   Trade Co-operative University of Moldova is the partner of over 40 prestigious higher education institutions, organizations and enterprises from the country and abroad. Thanks to bilateral advantageous collaboration agreements we exchange our experience, we have internship places for students, ensuring at the same time, a large opening for professional communication.

Among the objectives of immediate perspective we propose:

  • The development of an efficient training environment,  through continuous improvement of university infrastructure, foster excellence, involvement of young staff in further training sessions and attracting the highest qualification teachers.
  • The continuing democratization of the  educational process, promoting innovative ideas, support of creative activity of teachers and students. The developing of research activities in the various projects initiated by the Laboratory of Scientific Research, faculties, chairs and other units of TCUM in partnership with various public and private institutions.
  • The expansion and deepening cooperation with abroad universities, but also with cooperative bodies and economic agents in Moldova.

   I express gratitude to all those who, showing interest towards educational services promoted by TCUM, have taken note of this message. I hope that the imaginary visit will cause the desire to closely know, the interesting and tumultuous life of the institution. I, at my turn, declare with full responsibility that I will be receptive to any yours proposals and suggestions. I hope that you will become an active partner in our road to training and professional affirmation, and this you can plenty do within our university.


With best wishes, 

Professor Larisa ŞAVGA,

Dr. Sc. The Rector of Trade Co-operative University of Moldova