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Laboratory for scientific research on trade and consumer cooperatives activities

Laboratory for scientific research on trade and consumer cooperatives activities comprises the scientific research of TCUM in the accredited scientific research - The Economics and developing management of trade and consumer cooperation.

The laboratory target is to make researches in the domain of trade developing and consumer cooperation, which aims to increase the efficiency of economics relations and consumer protection.

In the Laboratory for scientific research on trade and consumer cooperatives activities unrolls the institutional project of applicative research Trade and consumer cooperatives modernizing from thereof implications view on lasting socio-economic development and consumer protection.

The Laboratory stimulates the participation of TCUM teaching staffs, students on national and international research projects.

The laboratory is a bridge between academic field and business field, involving research teams in providing economic consultancy as well as the access to various European funds for science, education and cross border cooperation in partnership with economical agents from the real economy.

With the help of its staff in the Laboratory are functioning the following elements of research infrastructure:

Laboratory of goods studies

Laboratory of equipment and commercial technologies

Centre for Co-operative Studies and Resources

Mercurius” Centre for Development, Expertise and Business consulting