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Department of Marketing, trade and tourism

pituscanHead of department : Pituşcan Fedosie, assoc prof., PhD

tel: (+373 22) 27-26-33,

e-mail:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

office 405/II

   The department Marketing, trade and tourism was founded in 1993. The department is responsible for preparing specialists at the specialties: Marketing logistics and Tourism 



1. Marketing basics

2. Organization  and technology of services

3. Service marketing

4. The tehnical-material base of the commercial enterprise marketing 

5. International economic transactions 

6. Organization  and technology of commerce 

7. Logistics' basis 

8. International marketing 

9. Annual thesis on trade’s organization and technology 

10. Consumer goods' marketing 

11. Logistics in the activity branch 

12. Basis  of entrepreneurship / Electronic commerce 

13. Thesis on Logistics in the activity branch 

15. The material-technical basis of the aquisitions-agro-food production enterprises 

16. The organization and technology of acquisitions 

17. Marketing/The organization and technic of public acquisitions 

18. Agricultural marketing 

19. Marketing 

20. Logistics and electronic trade 

21. Marketing of catering 

22. The technical-material basis of the hotel enterprise 

23. Organising and technology  of touristic services 

24. Entertainment services / Trips organization 

25. Rural tourism 

26. The tourism marketing 

27. International tourism 

28. Urban tourism 

29. The technic of tourism operations 


The general theme of the scientific research of the chair: The foundamentation of modernizing trade and consumer co-operation from the perspective of their involvement on the durable socio-economic development and consumers’ protection.