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Department of exact and general disciplines


Head of department: SEICUC Vladislav assoc. prof., PhD

Tel./fax: (+373 22) 815-637

E-mail:  cinformatica@uccm.md

office 201/II

The department assures the teaching at 1st cycle (license) at the specialties 368.11 Cybernetics and economic informatics and 444.3 Applied Informatics, which are organized and unfold according to the previsions of the Bologna process. The graduators of the 1st cycle successfully work within the enterprises and organizations from the country and abroad as engineers-projectors of economic information systems, programmer, engineer responsible for using the corporative economic information systems, administrator of local corporative networks.

Courses taught in other specialties


  1. Software for economic calculations

  2. Databases and expert systems

  3. Informational technologies in tourism

  4. Applied Mathematics in Economy

  5. Theory of probability and mathematical statistics

  6. Statistics

  7. Research methods for physical properties of goods

  8. Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

  9. Engineering graphics

  10. Electrotechniques

  11. Physics


Specialties Applied Informatics and Cybernetics and Economic Informatics 

  1. PC engineering

  2. Operational systems

  3. Computer programming

  4. Data structures and algorithms

  5. Tabular and textual processors

  6. Designing of the informational economic systems

  7. Object oriented programming

  8. Database control systems

  9. Mathematical modeling of economic processes

  10. The Basics of economic cybernetics

  11. Database projection

  12. Fundamentals of WEB Programming

  13. Computer Networks

  14. Applied programs

  15. Economic information processing technology

  16. Information management

  17. Mathematics

  18. System’s theory

  19. Graphical interfaces programming

  20. Multimedia

  21. Numerical analysis

  22. PHP Fundamentals

  23. Web Design

  24. Jawa fundamentals

 Master Program: SpecializationEconomic information technology and modern programming

  1. Security, reliability, estimation and selection of information resources

  2. Distributive computer network administration and programming

  3. Graphics Software packages

  4. Modern programming technologies and techniques

  5. Logic Programming

  6. Modern programming technologies and techniques

  7. WEB Application Programming

  8. Economic management system: information and decision making aspects

  9. Sub-economic information

  10. Information and Communication Technology in Business

  11. Management, Economy and business activities of economic information

  12. Smart Economic Banks

  13. Mathematical modeling of economic activities

  14. Fundamentals of electrical engineering and electronics

  15. Modern economic systems

  16. Accounting systems

  17. Semantics algorithms of economic informational activities


The department makes the scientific research activity within the subthemes “Conceptual basis of constituting and functioning of co-operative corporative informational system” and “Methodology and methods of applying the mathematic-economic and statistics methods and the analysis of Consumer Co-operative’s activity” as well as the topics of the char’s staff.