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Department of Economy and administration

Head of department: MELINTE Claudia, assoc. prof, PhD

 tel. (+373 22) 815-641, e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

office 408/II


The chair organizes the teaching-studying process of the subjects from the domain of economy, management and International Economic Relations for the students from all the faculties of the University, as well as activities of research in the domain of economy and management with an emphasis made on co-operative system.

The chair assures post-university studies through doctorate studies for the specialties 08.00.05-Economy and management in the branch and the domain of activity. The chair actively develops relations of interuniversity and international collaboration, including the participation at TEMPUS Programs.

The subjects thought at the department:

1. Theory of business
2. Economic theory I (microeconomy)
3. Histor and theory of consumer cooperation
4. Economic theory II (macroeconomy)
5. Management
6. Human resources management
7. Economy of consumer cooperation enterprise
8. World economy
9. Business administration
10. Management of international economic relations
11. Administration of commercial activities’risks
12. Administration of compared systems
13. Psychology of conducting in business
14. Financial management

The research activity of the department:

The scientific researches of the chair is based on the university’s scientific topic and is integrated on the domain “Improvement of managerial process and economic re-launching within the consumer co-operative system”, the chair participates at the scientific researches within the applicative scientific project “Fundamentation of modernizing the trade and consumer cooperation from the perspective of their involvement upon the socio-economic development, the compartments: Positioning home trade in the socio-economic system of the country (Cl. Melinte, O.Livitchi, M. Smolevscaia) and Human resources management (E. Graur, S. Panuta, A. Jerebny) and individual studies.